The Characteristics Of:

lThe dU/dt and dI/dt technology principle

lTo improve the conversion efficiency of the engine

lHigh frequency switching power supply as the core

lCompared with the traditional charger power saving 20% 30%.

lHigh frequency high permeability nanocrystalline

lThe product has the high efficiency, energy saving  

 characteristics significantly

lHigh reliability, high stability of the new energy-saving

 lead-acid battery charger






Product model Charging mode Charging voltage/current Battery capacity The weight of the The input power
voltage Ah Kg
TP4-24 Three Duan Heng flow 24V/4A 20-40 7 1Ф220VAC
TP8-24 Three Duan Heng flow 24V/8A 45-70 7 1Ф220VAC
TP15-24 Three Duan Heng flow 24V/13A 60-100 7 1Ф220VAC
TP20-24 Three Duan Heng flow 24V/20A 100-150 7 1Ф220VAC
TP25-24 Three Duan Heng flow 24V/25A 150-210 7 1Ф220VAC
TP30-24 Three Duan Heng flow 24V/30A 180-250 8 1Ф220VAC
TP35-24 Three Duan Heng flow 24V/35A 240-320 9 1Ф220VAC
TP15-48 Three Duan Heng flow 48V/13A 60-100 7 1Ф220VAC
TP20-48 Three Duan Heng flow 48V/20A 100-150 8 1Ф220VAC
TP25-48 Three Duan Heng flow 48V/25A 150-210 9 1Ф220VAC
TP30-48 Three Duan Heng flow 48V/30A 180-250 9 1Ф220VAC
TP40-48 Three Duan Heng flow 48V/40A 240-320 10 1Ф220VAC
TP50-48 Three Duan Heng flow 48V/50A 360-420 15 1Ф220VAC
TP15-72 Three Duan Heng flow 72V/13A 60-100 8 1Ф220VAC
TP20-72 Three Duan Heng flow 72V/20A 100-150 9 1Ф220VAC
TP25-72 Three Duan Heng flow 72V/25A 150-210 10 1Ф220VAC
TP30-72 Three Duan Heng flow 72V/30A 180-250 12 1Ф220VAC
TP15-96 Three Duan Heng flow 96V/13A 60-100 8 1Ф220VAC
TP20-96 Three Duan Heng flow 96V/20A 100-150 10 1Ф220VAC
TP25-96 Three Duan Heng flow 96V/25A 150-210 15 1Ф220VAC